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Who we are

We believe the law is about people.

That’s why our experience, access to resources and passion for the law are reflected in everything we do.

We are a boutique paralegal firm situated in the beautiful Bay of Quinte town of Belleville. 

Our mission is to make professional legal assistance accessible and affordable to everyone. At Gaia Paralegal, accessibility is of utmost importance and making sure that every single person who needs professional legal assistance has equal access to it, is at our core of what we do.

With our passion for the law and people we create client centred solutions that are affordable, practicable and accessible.

We are here to help you make sense of your situation and support you when you need it most.

We are a bold, fearless, and passionate advocate for your rights and ensure that you get the best possible outcome in your case.

 An experienced team of paralegal professionals who have years of experience in the courtroom, on the bench, and at the negotiating table. We tell you our plan for your case while working hard, to be honest, and candid with you about any possible adversities that exist- there is no need to face these obstacles without some serious help.

Our Services

For all your legal needs, you need access to top-tier professional and affordable paralegals. Gaia Paralegal offers Summary Criminal Law, Provincial Offences including Highway Traffic Act, Traffic and Parking Tickets as well as  Landlord and Tenants Board cases. Focused on customer service and efficiency, we pride ourselves on responding quickly to inquiries and providing the most satisfying approach possible to every client.

Summary Criminal charges are usually considered to be a less serious kind of infraction but if convicted it can have an adverse effect on your life and future. 

A criminal record can prevent you from travelling to certain countries or from obtaining certain employment. 

Let us help you to take back your life and fulfill your goals. 

Ontario Parole Board matters relating to granting of parole, temporary absences, and conditional releases.

We assist you with your Pardon Applications to enable you to put the past where it belongs in the past.  With a successful pardon application your past criminal convictions are sealed, and you can travel, study or work without the criminal record holding you back.

Municipal, residential, and vehicular offences can be costly, unforeseen, and unforgiving expenses.

POA offences include Property damage complaints, dog attack incidents etc.

We help you when you receive a traffic ticket as well protecting your good driving record, your demerit points as well as prevent the increase of your insurance, avoid possible jail sentences. 

These include speeding offences, driving without a license, driving without a seatbelt, or disobeying a traffic sign.

Our services include the drafting and Notarizing of Affidavits, certification of true copies of documents, serve as a witness to the execution of documents, contracts, and agreements.

This service includes the administering of oaths, solemn affirmations and declarations that are used for affidavits and statutory declarations.

Our services include the drafting and Commissioning of Affidavits.

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